WTTB – So Blessed!

So blessed!

I serve one the greatest congregations on the planet. I am so blessed that over 80% of the adults in our congregation chose to invest a Sunday by Walking Thru the Old Testament. Please take pride in the fact that you now possess a greater understanding of the Old Testament than millions of Christian around the world. I was also extremely blessed by the number of you that made personal commitments to read your Bible on a daily basis. In addition to your daily reading, be sure to spend some time this week reviewing the historical steps in your WTB notebook.  You will also want to take advantage of the 30 day devotional located in the back of your workbook. One of the most important disciplines for ongoing spiritual growth and maturity is to develop a daily love affair with God’s Word. If you love Jesus you have to love His Word. We hope to host a Walk Thru the New Testament Seminar the beginning of next year. Thanks again for blessing the heart of this ol’ Pastor. You inspire me!!!

In His love,

Pastor Kurt