Thank You – I Think

Thank You – I Think

As I prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends I found myself wondering where the word “thank” first originated. I use various forms of the word throughout my day – saying “thanks” to the barista that made my Carmel Brule Latte, “thanks” to the nice lady at the Wal-Mart register for “checking me out” (ha), and at times I use it sarcastically when I say, “I am late to church today – ‘thanks’ to the cat for snagging my new slacks!”

In whatever form I use “thanks,” noun or verb, I am usually expressing a sentiment of gratitude. And the giving or expressing of “thanks” is something that originates in my mind. In fact the old Garmanic root for this word is “think.” Through the centuries the concept of “thank” grew out of the root word to “think.” So to “thank” someone was to “think” favorably of them. I Thank You, was simply a way of saying “I have good thoughts about you because of what you have done for me.”

Now how many times a day do I say “thanks” without “thinking about it?”

Giving thanks for Jesus and for YOU this Thanksgiving — I think!

In His love,

Pastor Kurt