I Didn't Come For Pizza

Hallelujah — people are being drawn to HCC because they see the life and love of Jesus in YOU.

I recently had the privilege of visiting with one of our regular visitors to HCC.  He is at a place in life where he is ready to make a change and he knows that a relationship with Jesus is the only way to realize that change.  He found our congregation on the web (thanks Justin & Alan) and listened to a few of the messages available on our site.    Then, he took the next step and joined us for a worship service.  He found our people to be warm and friendly and he enjoyed the message.  He is eager to learn more, and is looking forward to growing and serving with us at HCC.  Hallelujah!
He shared with me that he had visited another church.  After the service he joined a group of other visitors as they had “pizza with the pastor,” and filled out a visitor’s card to be called upon.  No one ever called!   I asked him if he got the pizza?  “Yes”, he replied, “but I didn’t come for the pizza.

It is Passion Week and on Sunday we will be celebrating the resurrection of Jesus.  We expect to have a big crowd and a number of visitors.  Some will be coming with family, others may come to hear the music or to watch their grandchild in the play.  Yes, there will be a breakfast, and yes, there will be an egg hunt for the kids.  But a few folks just might be coming for something else.  They want to know, if Jesus really rose from the dead can He make a difference in my life here, now?  They will be looking at YOU and they will be looking at ME.  They will be looking for Jesus, the one who conquered death and offers LIFE to all who will receive.  In our lives and in our service — may others continue to find Jesus.  They’re not coming for the pizza!


Blessed to be your Pastor!
In His love,

Pastor Kurt