His Presence Today

The joy of living with Jesus is a reality available to us now. The glory of living in His presence is a continual gift to us NOW through the presence of His Holy Spirit. Walking and talking with Him is not confined to the time I spend within the walls of the church building. Every thought, every breath, every choice, every decision, is to be made and lived within the grace of His constant presence. Eternity is not so much a length of life in the future as it is a quality of life in the present. Jesus is with us right NOW, at this very moment. He is our day, He is our next breath, He is loving us and transforming us from “glory unto glory” right now — today! This is why He came, that we might share in His life. He wants to be with us, share with us, guide us, fill us, love us. It is “in Him that we live, and move, and have our being.” Acts 17:28. Jesus came to give us LIFE and LIFE ABUNDANT. He stands “knocking at the door” right now, right where you are, today! Receive Him, enjoy Him, live with Him, right now, today – and forever. We were made for this purpose, to live in His love — today.

In His love,

Pastor Kurt