Crossing Moments

Limitless: Journey through Joshua

Pastor Kurt Henson


As we continue our Journey through Joshua I am reminded that numerous times throughout our life we come to “crossing moments,” a moment when we have to decide to step out in faith and put our complete trust in God’s provision and promises.  There are also times in our lives when we face multiple “crossing moments” at the same time and it can be overwhelming.   What to do?

Stop, Look and Listen!  When we were young our parents taught us to stop, look and listen before crossing the road.  The same is still good advice before stepping out in a decision.  

Stop:  Take time out to pray and organize your thoughts before making a decision.

Look:  Look at each choice that is before you.  Some questions to guide the process:

1. Which choice is most urgent?

2. Which choice is least important at this time?

3. Is there one common denominator relating to all of these choices? Are they sequential?  

4. Which choice aligns with my calling, giftedness and preparedness?

5. Which choice will require the greatest amount of Faith?

6. Which choice will give the greatest glory to God?

7. Which choice will grow and bless me, my family, and others?  


Using the above questions as a guide, write down your choices and options.  List them in order of importance and impact.   Make a time line – which decision must be made first?   Gather your information, do your research, weigh the advice of others.  Consider the timing!


Listen: Listen for God’s wisdom and direction through His Word, Prayer, and the Wise Council of others.  


Now you are better prepared to face your crossing moments with faith and confidence.  

Remember God’s command, “Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”  

Stop, Look, Listen —— now GO!