Chapter 18, Daniel in Exile

Chapter 18, Daniel in Exile


This is an important week in the life of America.  This weekend we will once again remember those that have served our country through the armed forces.  I love America, and feel very blessed to live in the United States.  I appreciate those that dreamed, sacrificed, and fought to make America a reality.  As I understand our history, America was an idea based upon truth,  “we hold these truths to be self-evident….”  These “truths” were referenced to our “Creator.”
But it seems that truth is being redefined.   Today the Supreme Court is expected to announce a ruling on prayer at government meetings.  Later this week the Boy Scouts of America will vote to revise their morality standard to allow homosexuals.
When I was younger, I was taught it was right to pray and wrong to be gay.

Now I’m told it is wrong to pray and right to be gay.

I see the connection.  And I choose, out of love, to pray for those that are struggling with sexual desires, addictions, and identity.  Jesus loves, and His love offers healing to our broken souls. 

“The truth will set you free.”    John 8:32

In His love and in prayer,

Pastor Kurt