Are you a follower of Jesus

Are you a follower of Jesus?

We just started a new series at HCC inspired by Kyle Idleman’s best seller, “Not a Fan.”   In his book, Kyle challenges his readers to DTR: Define the Relationship.  Are you a fan of Jesus, or are you a follower?  Do you want to keep things casual with Jesus, or are you ready to commit?  Are you a weekend fan, or are you a completely, committed follower, 24/7? 

Interesting question.  What would a completely, committed follow of Jesus look like?   How would they act, what would they say and what would they do?   What church or ministry would they be a part of?  How well would they know the Bible?  How often would they pray?  Could they watch R rated movies, drink a glass of wine, or cheer for the Chiefs?   Is it possible to be a completely, committed follower of Jesus?  What does Jesus really expect of us living in the 21st Century? 

No answers in this blog, just want us to start thinking and answering the question for ourselves, “am I a fan or a committed follower of Jesus?”   

May the Holy Spirit use this series to help us all Define the Relationship .  

All in for Him?

Pastor Kurt